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Corporate & Premium Financing

Our wide array of overseas cost-effective lending solutions provide you with liquidity to increase your investment capacity, potentially enhance your return on investment and manage your cash flow without selling your existing assets.


1. The customer first pays the premium in full and then lends out 50% of the premium with premium financing.

2. In the end, customers only need to pay 50% (50%) of the premium, and the remaining 50% (50%) of the premium can be loaned out at low interest through private banks. Still enjoying high sum assured protection and policy dividend rights.

3. The cash value is extremely high. The first year policy already has at least 80% cash value of the premium.

4. The policy interest rate is higher than bank interest rate.

5. Safe and stable return on asset investment products.

6. During your living years, the plan has the function of withdrawing money, which makes your life more secured and your funds being more flexible.

7. The plan also prepares tens of millions of cash for you to pass on to the next generation or distribute to your beloved according to your wishes.

High-value policy financing solutions include universal life insurance and premium financing as the main functions.

Customers only need to pay as little as half of the premium, and the remaining half of the premium can be borrowed at low interest through international private banks and other financial institutions, allowing you to still enjoy high insurance coverage and policy dividend rights.

This series of products can choose flexible asset allocation methods according to your wishes while helping you to achieve wealth preservation and appreciation, it also reduces various risks caused by debt and tax issues.

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