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Family Trust & Inheritance

Our Family Office Services Team strengthens the abilities of high net worth families to successfully preserve, grow and transfer their legacies across generations.

In response to the complex and unique asset management needs of high-net-worth clients and their families, R.C.W. has cooperated with the world-renowned trust groups with a reputable Family Office that has established itself for 40 years, with a goal to jointly serve high-net-worth individuals and their families and businesses and providing a full range of exclusive family office services, such as global asset management, family succession planning, charity planning, corporate financial advisory, overseas financing loans and quality life services.

The experienced family office expert team works closely with clients to formulate tailor made plans according to the needs of individual clients, so that clients can effectively manage, maintain and accumulate wealth and to pass on to future generations.

How to transfer a business to the next generation?

Mr. A is a businessman in the mainland. He is aware of some policies and tax risks in the mainland that will affect future business and worry that his assets will be difficult to transfer to the next generation.

Mr. A only has to pay 50% of the premium, the others are lent by the private bank,The value of the policy itself can be used as collateral assets of 21.5 million worth.

Mr. A only needs to pay 43 million premiums first and then gets back 21.5 million worth of premium paid.

When Mr. A is 65 years old, he can still get a pension of 1.075 million (2.5%) from the policy every year until he is 80 years old The customer does not need to repay the bank during his lifetime.

Out of the 115 million insured amount compensated by the insurance company after his death, 21.5 million will be returned to the bank, and the remaining 93.5 million will be left to the family.

Solution summary

— “50% premium” to buy an insurance policy (will not seriously affect the cash flow of Mr. A’s business) .

— Fully prepare for the next generation, no matter what politicial changes encountered , the money covered by the insurance policy is almost equal to half of the total value of the company, which can be left to the wife and son.

Financial analysis

Operating history

The trust group we cooperate with is one of the leading international trust groups in the Asia-Pacific region. The trust was formally established in 1971, and its accounting practice started as early as 1886 and started business in Hong Kong in 1974. Since then, the group’s business has developed steadily and has successively established offices in Singapore, Cook Islands, Samoa, New Zealand, Uruguay, Nevis, and more recently in Panama and Dubai. Each office is led by a professional accountant or lawyer. Our professional services include family trust planning, corporate management consulting, international taxation and estate management, asset protection and private equity fund management. With nearly 40 years of profound family trust. planning experience in R.C.W. Wealth International Wealth Management and Trust Group, the family office has global expertise and knowledge of the local market, which can effectively protect the wealth of customers and their families and achieve wealth appreciation.

Six core businesses

With your prominent status and to deals with numerous matters, our family trust office offers you a full range of international family wealth planning and management services. With the global knowledge of our professional team, coupled with in-depth insights into the domestic market, we can customize your own personal and family wealth planning directions, allowing you to sit back and enjoy wealth appreciation.

Our family trust office has an exclusive team comprised of R.C.W. Wealth Managers and their exclusive expert team that provides every valued customer with all aspects of financial management services.

Our expert team consists of many experienced consultants in the fields of wealth management s, family trust planning, mortgage, insurance and corporate banking.

They maintain close contact with advisory teams in prosperous economic and trade regions around the world to obtain timely information on trust services, commerce, insurance and investment banking. Through direct communication with you, the senior team will fully understand your investment needs and financial goals, providing you with fast and accurate information analysis, and formulate personalized investment plans and strategies. Review your investment portfolio on a regular basis to ensure that the wealth management plan is consistent with the established goals and implemented effectively.

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